3CommPR will work with clients to develop great ideas and solutions, including engaging with journalists, commentators and bloggers, to building communities of interest and influence that create a valuable “buzz” about a client’s brand and its products and services. 

Most important of all, 3commPR takes an integrated approach to PR by asking clients the following questions from the outset:-

Is your messaging united across all channels, including digital?

What messages are clients and prospects receiving and in what way(s) are they being received?

Is your current PR in sync with the marketing department?

3CommPR works closely with clients to deliver consistent messaging. This is one of the key benchmarks the company uses to demonstrate its value to clients.

Media Relations

Good media relations is based around knowing what the media wants.

3CommPR prides itself on proactively identifying opportunities for clients and responding intelligently and efficiently to breaking news with great content and fresh ideas. It might be a short article supported by research, an impactful visual, or exclusive interview opportunities.

Social Media

Social media is a crucial element of communications for all businesses. It’s changing every day. It’s the place where content gets shared and discussed, where new customers and loyalties are made. It is the key media for conveying core messages to target audiences.

3CommPR knows how to create great content and when to push out a piece of visual content to generate maximum, meaningful impact. Whether this means crafting the perfect one-liner or pitching into a trend, writing guest blogs for clients which are used by target press, or developing ongoing digital awareness as part of a campaign, whatever a client’s needs or objectives, 3CommPR can help.

Crisis Management 24/7 support

Identify where particular issues have the potential to become crises or damage a reputation and then to mitigate this threat.

Even when this is not possible and an unavoidable crisis develops, 3commPR will provide a holistic crisis management approach, ensuring that every level of the client’s communications are addressed, that members of their teams and supply chains are fully briefed on the agreed approach, and that clients take a proactive approach to stakeholder engagement, ensuring that any issues are dealt with swiftly and effectively.

Event Management

Events in a range of sizes and types can be arranged from small round table discussions and dinners, to large scale receptions, product launches and media briefings. 3commPR can deliver every aspect of a client’s event, or can manage and support one particular part of an event.

Writing and Editing

3commPR provides a full writing and editing service from producing and distributing press releases to national, international, regional or vertical media, preparation of case studies and opinion pieces, specialist articles for magazines and newsletters, SEO blogs, social media post management, corporate literature, promotional material, website content and speeches. 

"3CommPR can create bespoke teams for every single task so we offer expertise, experience, creativity, flexibility, and of course, great results, for all our clients.

Building a team of the best people for each job means you get senior, experienced and creative consultants who have a real passion and track record for their work."

"3CommPR believes in using the range of marketing communication channels: media relations, brand communications, social media, CSR & Sustainability, events, crisis and issues management."