Measurement & Evaluation

All media output for clients, whether online or offline is evaluated for the outcomes it produces. Outcomes can then be evaluated against agreed goals. Here are 5 key ways 3CommPR uses to determine the effectiveness and success of PR activities:-

1. Press Clippings

3CommPR tracks the number and quality of press clippings that mention a client’s company or products and services. Most importantly, those articles and mentions should appear in publications viewed by prospects. 

2. Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Coverage 

3CommPR gives clients both a Qualitative and Quantitative analysis of their press clippings. Regarding Qualitative media evaluation, some of the key points are whether a story has been covered in target media, the overall tone and bias of the coverage, the inclusion of key messages and whether the coverage has resulted from a press release or other source.

Quantitative media evaluation measures, amongst other things, the success of a client’s campaign as an advertising cost equivalent (ACE).  3CommPR will calculate the number of times a client’s key message(s) are seen by the number of people who see it and can provide demographic information on the sort of people who would have seen a client’s PR coverage.  Keyword tracking can be provided to see how many times a client’s name, product name or core message appears in coverage.

3. Website Traffic and Engagement

Tracking and measuring the amount of traffic to a client's website before, during and after launching a campaign is vital. Many sales leads come from calls-to-actions listed on a business’ website, so analysing spikes in website traffic can help show the impact of PR activity.

4. Social Media 

A key metric for measuring the impact of PR activity is mentions on social media networks and engagement rates. In addition to mentions, social media measurement reviews and responds to conversations about a client's brand. 

Using these strategies to measure the impact of PR campaigns has proven that PR has a positive effect on business growth and brand reputation.